Fundraising for schools...
without the hefty fees

Donations 4 Education provides top-quality, online fundraising opportunities to school without taking high percentages or lofty up front fees.

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Our goal is simple, keep as much money at the school as possible. What can your school do with extra money?

Fundraising Calculator was founded by Joe Acklin, former PTO President in response to paying 25% in fees to an online fundraising company. Donations4Education specializes in online fundraising for schools of all sizes at the lowest cost.

How it works...

Our Advantage

  • Lowest fees in the industry
  • Our Fundraiser can be run by 1 volunteer
  • We provide everything you need from student handouts to a simple fundraising guide
  • Multi-Lingual website
  • Optional Bi-Lingual fundraising handouts
  • Intuitive website design
  • Family Donation Pages - Siblings automatically grouped together
  • Donors are asked to enter messages of encouragement for each student
  • Donors can increase donations to cover processing charges, reducing fees
  • Leaderboards create competition between students, grades or classes!
  • Printable student certificates
  • Advanced reporting

Past Fundraising Success